Monday, September 19, 2005


So you're possibly thinking how much does all this cost? How can a student bum like Ash afford to travel for 6 months. Here's a wee breakdown

Plane Tickets (Star Alliance) £1600 inc Tax
Insurance £130
Spending money £3500 plus £3000 poker money should i need it.
Japan Rail pass £140 for 7 days
Rucksack £135

£30 for Hep B
£110 for Rabies

Vietnam £35
China £40

I was surprised how cheap the plane flights are and how much visas and injections cost. I still need malaria tablets and Laos and Cambodian visas which i expect will be about $40.

Fortunately most contries tie their currency to the dollar which is very weak compared to mighty pounds so once i'm out there things are going to be pretty cheap. E.g. accom in Hanoi is $6/night for a double, £1.60 each!


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