Friday, October 07, 2005


Wow, Japan is great, nice to back in a fully civilised place where the drivers stop at red lights and occasionaly someone knows how to speak a little engrish.

Arrived last night and managed to do most of the notable districts of Tokyo today (i'm shattered). We have inter rail style passes which we used to go on the overground trains today. First stop was Ginza where we went round the Sony demonstration building. (i was thinking of you Matt) Saw the next generation of HDTV's and MP3 players (and MD, when are they going to learn). I want an HDTV, they are sweet. There was a 70 inch one, nearly as tall as Suze!

Next stop was Akihabara, the electronics district. Wanted a 1GB CF card for my camera but they were twice as much here as in England, cutting edge my arse, i guess i'll wait til hong kong and try there.

We also checked out the international forum and a lovely lovely department store before getting some noodles for dinner and traipsing back.

Unfortunately there's no room at the inn tomorrow night so tomorrow we need to try and get some accomodation in Kyoto and then bullet train over there (3 hours by bullet, 9 hours by regualar) Lets all hope there's some room or it'll be some sort of sleeper train for my bed!

Hope everyone is well, let me know what you're up to.


Anonymous Mighty Matt said...

Don't worry Ash, there are rumours afoot that a Sony reshuffling and job cuts are going to mean the end of the MD deptartment. Best get them while you can!

Not too sure about the arse cutting on edges... Sounds like you should be keeping off the sake for a bit :p

Hope you don't have too much trouble getting a room somewhere. I've heard stories of tourists asking strangers for advice on places to stay and getting put up in their houses, so if you're struggling just look like tired, pathetic tourists and ask around!!

Saturday, 08 October, 2005  
Blogger tom said...

all sounds fun.
been raining all week in manchester, weather-fore-cast says might stop in april.
good times.

Saturday, 08 October, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Half the fun of trippin' is having things go wrong. Find a cosy looking box and settle down for the evening, for years you'll be able to tell folks about how you fought a tramp for his bed, only to give into an awkward 3 in a bed night shelterred in a drak ally with a man who stank of Sarki!

Good Travels ole boy


Saturday, 08 October, 2005  
Anonymous Binxy said...

i wish i was travelling...

currently putting off my mountains of uni work. noone told me you have to do work here. did an otley run yesterday (3pm to 3am) agh,
had a nice roast down the oak today,
s'bout it

enjoy my lovelies

Sunday, 09 October, 2005  
Blogger Simon said...

arf, bullet train... I took what we call here *south west train*, took 20mins waterloo to surbiton. Incredible pace.

Monday, 10 October, 2005  

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