Saturday, October 15, 2005

Himeji Castle and Hong Kong

Hello there, we made it to Hong Kong. Japan was really cool but it really is expensive so it's nice to be here where things are a little more reasonable.

We visited Himeji castle which was pretty cool, and visited Kobe as we had a couple of hours spare, not much to report but there's no trace of the earthquake that happened in 95.

We went back to Tokyo and visited a sacred area called Niko, it was nice but we weren't too impressed with having to pay for our trains.

Now we're in Hong Kong and planning to take it a little easier, Japan was quite hectic so we're going to spend a few days here and then mission it to Hanoi on the train. It'll probably take about 30 hours.

Finally bought a CF card for my camera but still haven't got a cable, but i will very soon. I'm not feeling very creative at the moment, i'll write more soon.


Anonymous Mighty Matt said...

Was just looking around the blogger website and it says that you can upload photos to them for using on your blog so perhaps that'd be the easiest solution...

Sunday, 16 October, 2005  

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