Monday, January 02, 2006


Suze and i came flying back into the western world on the 29th, it sucks. Everyone said singapore was expensive but we were paying 6 quid a night there and we're paying 11-15 per night here. After the financial high of entering vietnam and the asia for the next 10 weeks we've now gone through a financial comedown where we have to re-adjust to english prices, and it really is english prices, not just Aus ones.
We landed in Brisbane and spent one night there. It's a nice city but we didn't do a great deal as we were tired from the flight over and we were leaving the next morning. We've been in surfers paradise the last 3 nights which has been quite good, the beach is probably the best i've seen, 100m deep and about 6 miles long of perfect white sand, and no sunbeds. New years was cool, we saw fireworks on the beach with loads of people there. The weather is beautiful here, about 30 degrees and not too humid. We're off to byron bay today.

Apologies if the blog is a bit neglected, internet is expensive here!


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